The Season for Sunflowers

The peak season for Sunflowers is upon us! What better way to celebrate this time of year than with a festive sunflower arrangement? Bring the summer sunshine indoors as we [...]

Christmas in July

For most people, the month of July brings about memories of the beach, Independence Day, hot weather, and time spent with family, but for many others this month is also [...]

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Beach House Designs Flower Camp

Summer is such a great season for school age children since they do not have school for almost three months. To avoid the summer bordem setting in most parents look [...]

Florida Beach Weddings

Living on the Florida beaches makes us the perfect destination for beach weddings. Although this is great for the flower business, outdoor weddings have their challenges. The wind, rain, and [...]

Why Roses are a Staple Flower for Florists

 Roses are a staple in most florists’ coolers. At Beach House Designs, we always have beautiful red Corazon roses and a variety of other colors for our customers to choose [...]