Florida Beach WeddingsLiving on the Florida beaches makes us the perfect destination for beach weddings. Although this is great for the flower business, outdoor weddings have their challenges. The wind, rain, and the dreaded Florida afternoon thunderstorms are a few. But should you be lucky enough to miss all of those, the beach makes a beautiful setting for the ceremony and backdrop for your pictures. The beach shows nature at its finest with the gorgeous blue waves and sky blue background. Everyone can appreciate the fine white sand and the refreshing scent of salt spray.

At Beach House Designs, we love to create flower arrangements for beach weddings. We provide everything, including arches decorated with flowers, palm fronds, fabric; starfish and shell decorations in the sand; and shell infused bridal and bridesmaid bouquets. Below are some pictures of our last beachfront wedding.IMG_0339

This particular wedding was challenging, as there was a 40 to 50% chance of rain the afternoon of the scheduled wedding. We waited and waited for the bride to determine whether she wanted to take the chance and have the ceremony outside or move it inside to a conference room. The sky looked slightly threatening, but with any luck, the nuptials could be completed before the afternoon storms. The first call was to move the ceremony inside. We schlepped (this is a florist term that so aptly describes moving all of our equipment and flowers) all of our flowers, tools, ladder and fabric to the conference room. Before the hotel staff re-assembled the arch, the banquet manager’s phone rang: it was the bride calling. You guessed it, we had to schlepp everything back down the boardwalk and onto the beach. The good news is the flowers turned out great and the weather was perfect!

The other interesting item that we would like to point out about the flowers for the wedding is that the hydrangeas used on the arch are silk. Fresh hydrangeas require a large amount of water to remain looking fresh and wilt quickly in the Florida sunshine. For this reason, our designers at Beach House decided to mix the fresh flowers and greenery with the blue silk hydrangeas for this beach wedding. The experience of the professional floral designers at Beach House Designs avoided a flower disaster by substituting silk hydrangeas for fresh. This example emphasizes the importance of using experienced floral professionals for special occasions!