Autumn is here! There’s no better way for us to celebrate here at Beach House Designs than by appreciating the beauty of a staple fall flower, the Chrysanthemum. The Chrysanthemum is the birth flower for the month of November and is known by many as the “Queen of Fall Flowers”. It was first cultivated in China as early as the 15th century B.C. They painted images of the chrysanthemum on pottery and used it as a medicinal herd, which they believed to hold the power of life. The ancient Chinese put the petals of Chrysanthemums in salads, boiled the roots for a remedy for headaches and nausea, and added the leaves to teas for special occasions.


A few centuries later, the chrysanthemum appeared in Japanese culture as well. The Japanese used the chrysanthemum as a symbol of wealth and power. They adopted the flower to be used on the crest and official seal of the Emperor. Other prominent families also added a chrysanthemum to their family seal. The highest Order of Chivalry in Japan was names the Imperial Order of the Chrysanthemum. Today, Japan still holds a National Chrysanthemum Day, better known as the Festival of Happiness, to celebrate the flower’s perfection. In Japanese culture, it is believed that placing a single petal of a Chrysanthemum at the bottom of a glass of wine will give one a long and healthy life.


The Chrysanthemum was introduced to the United States during colonial times. Today, it is the largest commercially produced flower in the United States. The chrysanthemum is also widely recognized as the 13th Wedding Anniversary flower for its association with abundance and fidelity. On June 17, 1966, the city of Chicago adopted the chrysanthemum as their official flower. This diverse flower is also commonly used in home decoration, corsages, gardening, and bouquets

An arrangement of chrysanthemums makes a beautiful Fall arrangement for your home. These flowers are one of the longest lasting of all cut flowers, making them perfect for gifts and displays. At Beach House Designs, our skilled floral design team can put together the perfect arrangement of chrysanthemums for you or your special occasion. Stop by our design studio in Satellite Beach or call 321-773-6238 to order your one of a kind arrangement of chrysanthemums to celebrate the autumn season!