The peak season for Sunflowers is upon us! What better way to celebrate this time of year than with a festive sunflower arrangement? Bring the summer sunshine indoors as we transition to autumn and brighten up your space with the stunning yellow blooms.


The sunflower gets its name from the sun-like petals that surround its seeds and from its ability to turn to face the sun throughout the day. They are typically yellow, but can also appear orange and red. They require hot and dry conditions, so the summer season provides perfect weather for these beautiful flowers to thrive.

Sunflowers give off an appearance of cheerful liveliness and symbolize adoration, loyalty and longevity. They have a habit of lifting the spirits of those who look upon them. Like the sun, sunflowers seem to evoke a vibrant energy; it’s hard not to feel warm when looking at their brilliant colors.


Take the positive energy of a sunflower home with you. They make beautiful additions to a table centerpiece. Pair them with white daisies and goldenrod for a “freshly picked from the garden” look or simply place a few in a sky blue vase and make sunflowers the star!

For more ideas on how to arrange sunflowers or to pick up a sunflower arrangement today, visit Beach House Designs Inc. in Satellite Beach, Florida. We’ve updated our window display with the beautiful summer flower and will help you with all your flower and home d├ęcor needs!